Optional Equipment

Review our optional equipment that you can specify to install on your choice of dog box.  Made with high quality products to suit your every need.  Contact us today for a quote!

Carpet, Hooks, Miscellaneous

Carpet Storage Doors

Winger Rack

Jump Carpet

Umbrella/Whip Box

Tie Out D Rings

Dog Food Products

Dog Food Bin

Dog Food Dispenser

Dog Food Dispenser

Dog Food Dispenser

Dog Food Dispenser


Collar Hook Cover

Sliding Closet Rod

Slide Out Cooler Tray

Dog Door Gas Prop

Collar Hooks


Bumper Rack

Front Spare Tire

Additional Storage

Rear Storage Bumper

Tongue Tool Box


Transmitter Rack

Radio Box

Charging Station

Interior Led Light

Gun Rack

Airing Light Options

LED Non-Adjustable Airing Light

LED Adjustable Airing Light

Bird Crate

Bird Crate with Bottom Pan

Bird Crate

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